THANK YOU JULIA! Words cannot fully express.... It has been six months since we completed my series, and I have continued to be proactive since we finished our work together. I feel so equipped!

My basic commitment to show up has been a commitment to you, but even more, it’s been a commitment to myself and my personal growth. I’m taking it upon myself to continue the work we started—the tools I gained from my work with you are useful in so many ways.

I can tell our work together has been effective, because I am coping with stress much better. I can leave work where it belongs: at work. My relationships both at work and in my personal life have improved in just the past few months.

I have gained so much perspective on myself, and so much awareness of who I am. I have made a radical shift through our work together over the past months.

You are too efficient for your own good—I’m shocked that my whole life has changed for the better in just a few months!

During my work with Julia, I felt like I was making small shifts and taking baby steps. After just a few months, I looked back and realized I had made big changes.

I feel totally ready to leave my unfulfilling job and to strike out on my own. Thank you. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Julia’s work is not therapy. It is life-sustaining, thought-provoking, action-oriented, emotionally-supportive, creative guidance. I highly recommend working with Julia.

This is million-dollar stuff we’re working on here! Everything I am doing with you reverberates through all kinds of parts of my life. I didn’t expect my work with you to be so far-reaching—and I’m so inspired!

I breathe more deeply. I feel grounded. I move through life with more agency than I felt I had before. I am living in a more conscious, driven way now that I've worked with you.