I started taking Julia's coaching sessions at a time of professional transition: I had just been offered a demanding, high-profile job, but was anxious and had impostor syndrome. Talking to Julia was the best thing I could have done. Our discussions helped me figure out techniques to reduce stress, think about the future in a productive way, and prepare for the demands of my new position without feeling overwhelmed. I still use the strategies we designed together every day. As Julia once said to me, one's professional future should not be seen as a cliff but as a mountain: one should pack and prepare for it the way that one does for a hike. That's what the coaching sessions help you achieve.

Palo Alto, CA


Julia helped me revamp my diet, work schedule, and sleep habits, and I lost 15 pounds. She provided a combination of concrete tips and warm encouragement that made the process of change manageable and unhurried. Her suggestion, for example, that I take two or three 10-minute walks throughout my workday has increased my concentration and work efficiency, as well as improved my general well being. Julia has a gift for coaching, and I recommend her enthusiastically!

Jack Turner
Seattle, WA

I went to see Julia when I was stuck on a rung on the career ladder. I had been first runner up for three director-level jobs in a row, and was seeking direction on how to improve my game. After three months of working with her, it was clear I didn't even want to be on the ladder. She helped me to recognize my own agency and to partner more creatively with life. Her seemingly simple experiments pack a huge punch and opened my eyes to a new way of seeing life. I'm now self-employed, have less anxiety, and have more time for my family.

Seattle, WA

My life coaching sessions with Julia far exceeded my expectations. I think I underestimated the extent to which the way we live life is the way we choose to live it. Julia gave me guidance and tools to remind myself of this important lesson. I was often resistant, but my life actually, tangibly improved over the course of our time working together. I would definitely recommend her to people I love and respect. But not my enemies. My enemies do not deserve better lives.

Baratunde Thurston
New York, NY

I’ve known Julia for many years now. When I learned about her coaching practice, it was a no-brainer for me to give it a try. Working with her was, and continues to be, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

One of the extensions of her life coaching practice at the time was an invitation to participate in an 8-week life/health/fitness/well-being/mindfulness obstacle course of sorts. I didn’t know what I was getting myself (or my wife) into when we agreed to participate, but Julia was there as guide and an inspirer for our team. At some point along the way, with all the changes you’re attempting to make in an effort to live a healthier more mindful lifestyle, you can lose focus and drive. Julia was there to ensure we as a team stayed together and focused on healthier outcomes. She cheered us on when we needed cheering, reminded us of why we were challenging ourselves, and made sure we celebrated our successes and took an honest look at our setbacks.

Today, six months later, I eat a more balanced diet and lead a more mindful life. The content of the challenge was certainly one reason for this, but what helped me most was the very intentional coaching by Julia.

Eric Hollister Williams
Washington, DC

I had never used a life coach before working with Julia, but I knew that I needed support in a performance project I was organizing, and I felt I had bitten off more than I could chew. I was overwhelmed with the task before me, and Julia helped me to gain a fresh perspective on the fear and anxiety surrounding the work, and also to find ways to analyze and break apart the various aspects of the project, so that I could begin to do the work I knew was capable of doing.

In our sessions, she helped me to develop new and practical coping mechanisms, organizational and leadership skills, and meditation/visualization techniques that enabled me to complete the project in a manner that frankly exceeded my expectations. Sometimes you just need a little push and an alternative perspective—Julia got right to the heart of the matter and helped me to increase momentum in the right direction.

While I retained many of the skills I learned while working with her, I would not hesitate to contact her again if I find myself in need of support for future endeavors. I would especially recommend her to any fellow Type-As out there who always find themselves looking for support in crunch time. Don't wait until things start to pile up to call Julia; she can help you get ahead of the game.

J Szathmari
New York, NY

Working with you on my health has been awesome. I've lost 9.5 pounds and 2.75 inches at the waist since the start. More importantly, my mood swings are gone, my energy levels are consistently good, and I've achieved a much better perspective on what makes me happy. Most importantly, I think I'm a better parent and better spouse and better friend than I was when my health was poor. And I'm confident I will sustain this over the long run, because I recognize how it affects my entire life, and not just my weight. Thank you to my wife for supporting me every day, and thank you Julia for helping me get my life on track. You are an inspiration!

Seattle, WA

The piece that I have really taken with me is giving my inner critic the 5 minutes it needs to vent, then moving on and thinking of different options. If I can’t acknowledge my fears, how can I move forward? I’ve actually used that with my husband in working through some of his work anxieties. Thanks for the skills. :)

Britta Byer
Oakland, CA

Working with Julia was kismet, and so very timely in my life. Fall 2012 was a turbulent season for me and I felt depleted. I turned a sizable corner and Julia was there, skilled and prepared.

I was very resistant at first, but given the clear structure and concept of her coaching style and approach, I soon realized how very safe I would be entrusting her as my guide. Most importantly, I was always at the steering wheel, which is what drove this new level of ownership and accountability to a sustainable outcome. THANK YOU JULIA! Words cannot fully express... It has been six months since we completed my series, and I have enjoyed this interim with proaction and continuous soulwork. I feel so equipped!

It is important for you to know that Julia’s work is not therapy. It is life-sustaining, thought-provoking, action-oriented, emotionally-supportive, creative guidance. Each moment and each session was “now”. I owned my journey. You will have to own yours, too. I highly recommend Julia as a professional Life Coach.

Crystal Mary W.
New York, NY