Our work is a collaboration, co-designed and co-created as our relationship evolves. Below are the answers to some frequently-asked questions; if anything you want to know is unanswered here, please reach out to me!

what It Takes

I am here with you and for you to investigate your goals, your dreams, your beliefs. Make no mistake: this investigation can be a personally demanding process. Like many things in life, the more time and energy you put into coaching, the more you get out of it.

Coaching can be particularly useful before, after, or during times of transition — a job change, a relationship shift, whatever transitions you may be encountering. If you are up for being held accountable, for shining light into dark corners, for trying out some new ways to do things, for seeing what happens as you experiment, coaching may be just what you want.

If you've considered coaching and it doesn’t feel right for you at this point, that’s fine! Not all methods are suited to all people at all moments. I’m here to offer you one option, not to sell you on coaching. I’m not an expert on your needs or on your life. That expert is you.

life coaching

Life coaching is a goal-oriented way to start from today and move into tomorrow. For some people, coaching is best defined in comparison to two other options: therapy and consulting:

  • Coaching is unlike most types of therapy, which are generally oriented around gaining meaning from understanding the past. Coaching starts in the present and moves forward.
  • Coaching is unlike consulting, in which a consultant provides expertise and offers answers. While I occasionally offer suggestions, I do not provide expertise in your life.

In our coaching relationship, we start with a big-picture view of everything that is happening for you, and together we explore the interconnected areas of your life. While you work to change course in your career, or focus on health concerns, other aspects of life often become relevant.

Clients and Results

I work with clients who are open to the challenges life brings, who are ready to push themselves to grow and shift. Recent clients have:

  • gained confidence and found (or created) fulfilling new work
  • increased their health and minimized stress and worry
  • improved relationships at work and at home
  • transformed forced, unwanted transitions into rewarding life choices
  • learned to manage stress effectively

Are you exploring a shift to a new job or field? Are you wishing you felt healthier, more fit? Are you embarking on a new project, wanting to make the most out of your life?

Wherever you are today, I can help you investigate and improve the ways in which your life impacts your work (and vice versa), leading you to more certainty and satisfaction in your choices and decisions.


When you commit to coaching with me, I ask you to commit to either:

  • Eight sessions over two months, or
  • Nine sessions over three months

Our first session is a two-hour foundation session, to get us aligned in our goals and process.

Then, we dive in and make your life flow the way it best supports you!

Our regular coaching calls last 30-45 minutes. As a result of those calls, we co-design a practice for you to continue the work on your own. To support your between-session work, my coaching also includes unlimited emails/texting between calls.

Two or three months is often all it takes to make significant changes that impact your entire life—what are you waiting for?