All About Coaching


Here's some of what you will experience through working with me:



Life coaching is a goal-oriented way to start from today and move into tomorrow. Coaching is different from consulting: I am here to show you your own strengths, not to demonstrate mine. You are the expert on your life, after all! Coaching is also different from therapy: I am trained to help you discover and grow the life you want, rather than helping you discover how you got to the place you are currently in.

WHAT Can Coaching Do for Me?

My clients have:

  • gained confidence and found (or created) fulfilling new work

  • increased their health and minimized stress and worry

  • improved relationships at work and at home

  • transformed forced, unwanted transitions into rewarding life choices

  • learned to manage stress effectively

  • created the lives of their dreams! yes, seriously.


Coaching can be particularly useful before, after, or during times of transition — a job change, a relationship shift, a health challenge. If you are up for being held accountable, for shining light into dark corners, for trying out some new ways to do things, for seeing what happens as you experiment, coaching may be just what you want. I am here with you to investigate your goals, your dreams, your beliefs.

What's it like to work with you?

My work as a life coach invites all your perspectives, assumptions, and mental habits to come and play. I use metaphor, movement, and open-ended questions to help you see yourself in a new light, one that shows you as you truly are. We design work for you to do between sessions that helps you develop new strategies and thought patterns to support you in achieving your goals. My goal is to help you find the means to thrive on whatever path you happen to be on in a given moment, for the rest of your life.


My favorite times for coaching are just before (or just after) a big transition, or anytime you're feeling stuck in general.

Starting at or near the beginning of a season can be a helpful way to tie your work to a natural shift in energy: January, May, and September starts are some of the most powerful and productive times for my clients.

As far as feeling ready, I know it can be intimidating to look down at the deep end of making big changes in your life. But if you devote yourself to it, you can improve your entire life, starting right now!

How Long Will We Work Together?

When you embark on a coaching adventure with me, I ask you to commit to nine sessions over three months. That's three times a month, for three months, to start.

Most of my clients work with me for a bit longer after those three months, usually once or twice a month. The cost drops accordingly when we have fewer calls. On average, my clients work with me for six months, give or take.

How Long Will We Talk For?

We start with one long foundation call (2 hours or so), and then we have shorter (30-45 minute) calls for the duration of our work. Between sessions, you work to integrate the outcome of our sessions into your life. To support your solo work, my coaching also includes unlimited emails/texting between calls.

I'm Ready! What Happens Next?

Great! The first thing we'll do is have a 15-minute intro call. That's how we'll get to know each other a bit, and we'll make sure we both feel like we're a good fit. At the end of that call, once we both are on board, we'll start to set up our schedule.