When I want to get my hair cut or go to see my doctor, I love being able to go on a website and click a button to make an appointment. That way, I don’t have to wait till their office is open to call them, and I can reschedule or cancel whenever I need to without any hassle.

Until recently, I did all the scheduling of my coaching sessions via email and over the phone, which included a bit of back and forth about “will Monday at 3 work for you? That’s 3pm my time—6pm your time....” This back-and-forth was totally fine with me, because I enjoy logistics and finding the *right* way for the pieces to fit together in a puzzle.

But after a while, it started to suck up a lot of my time and mental energy. And I realized (sometimes it takes me a while to remember this) that I am a professional, and I can totally use the same kinds of tools my doctor and my hair stylist and my acupuncturist and a ton of other businesses are already using! So I have started having all my clients book sessions online.

Now, for sure, this cuts down on some of my interaction and conversation with each of my clients. But the conversations I have about time and day of an appointment are really not the interesting conversations I want to have. And dealing with logistics electronically means I have more time for those interesting conversations. So it’s providing me a ton of value.

If you are in this same boat, wishing you didn’t have to do a bunch of emailing/calling to schedule people on your calendar, I definitely recommend the service I've been using: Acuity Scheduling. There are other services out there for sure. I didn’t do an exhaustive search—I just found this one first, because it works well with my website platform, and it included a free two-week trial. And then, as if by magic (though of course it was through careful planning by skilled people), it turned out to have all the features I needed, so no experimentation was necessary. I hope it helps you, too!