The other day, a former client asked me to recommend someone for him to talk with about growing his small law firm. I thought about it for a bit, asked one friend, and looked at my LinkedIn and Facebook contacts, but no one in my network seemed to be the right fit.

Then someone else, unrelated, mentioned that I should check out Simplist. I didn’t even really know what it was, but I like discovering useful tools, so I clicked over to check it out. 

Turns out this was exactly what I needed. Simplist dug into my LinkedIn contacts better than I had, and I found an old friend who was a perfect candidate to talk about growing a law firm.

One quick email and I got to catch up with someone I like a lot and haven’t seen for years, while doing someone else a favor.

So if you’re looking for someone in your network (or in someone else’s network) to help you take a different step in life, your career, whatever, maybe try Simplist. See how I’ve put the link in here three times? That’s to make it even easier for you.


Full Disclosure: I know the founder of Simplist, but he doesn’t know I’m writing this and didn’t ask me to do so. It’s just a useful tool.