About My Work

My work as a life coach invites all your perspectives, assumptions, and mental habits to come and play. I use metaphor, movement, and open-ended questions to help you see yourself in a new light, one that shows you as you truly are. We design work for you to do between sessions that helps you develop new strategies and thought patterns to support you in achieving your goals. My goal is to help you find the means to thrive on whatever path you happen to be on in a given moment, for the rest of your life.

We collaborate throughout the coaching process, with frequent check-ins about how your work is going, taking one step at a time toward your goals. When our work is done, you graduate into the sustainable life you have created!

About Me

Along with being a life coach, I am or have been: a nationwide consultant specializing in productivity and organization; director of a learning support program within a high school; general manager of a theater company; recruiting manager for a tech company; a student in oceanography, chemistry, and special education (not all at the same time); a science and math tutor; a yoga teacher of various styles (Kripalu, restorative, prenatal).

These days, I am an advisor and a workflow consultant for a varying roster of smart, inspiring clients, and I am fortunate enough to mentor new life coaches as they complete their training and certification.