My passion is helping you take your life to the next level.


I want you to dream your biggest dreams and then to materialize them throughout your life: work, health, relationships, and more.

Our collaboration will be inspiring, it will be liberating, and — let's be honest — it will be hard work. But when we finish, your life will be in line with your values, and you will have new strategies and techniques to use on your own in all your future challenges.

Ready? Let's make it happen.


My Work

My work as a life coach invites all your perspectives, assumptions, and mental habits to come and play. I use metaphor, movement, and open-ended questions to help you see yourself in a new light, one that shows you as you truly are. My goal is to help you find the means to thrive on whatever path you happen to be on in a given moment, for the rest of your life.


About Me

I love being a life coach! And I also co-run Frontcountry, a workflow advising and executive coaching company. There are some other details about who I am and have been. Curious?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Personal coaching, or life coaching, requires a commitment. Most of my clients prefer to learn a bit about what committing to coaching with me will entail, before diving in. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

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I don't promise to write new blog posts frequently, but I do promise to think about what I'm writing before I put it up on the internet.

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Let's Work Together!

We collaborate throughout the coaching process, with frequent check-ins about how your work is going, taking one step at a time toward your goals. When our work is done, you graduate into the sustainable life you have created! If you're curious what coaching might feel like once it's over, read what some of my former clients have written.


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